Monday, April 2, 2012

Two New Springtime Scarves!

To make up for me flaking out and not posting last week, I'm posting two scarves that I've worked on over the past two weeks.

When I first started weaving, one of my first projects was a scarf using CMYK colors (cyan, yellow, magenta and black) because that's a big color combination in the design world (they are the colors used in four-color printing processes.) I still had a lot of the yarn left over from that original scarf, and I found a thicker yarn on sale that was mostly magenta with bits of cyan and yellow running through it, so I thought that would be a nice addition. I kept the warp CMY, and added the K (black) as the weft. I made it a looser weave for warmer weather. Here's a photo of it on the loom:

This is another loose weave because I am just so excited that it's springtime! I bought a blue variegated yarn made from recycled cotton for my Hawaiian inspired scarf, and I had a lot left over, so I made it into its own scarf. Here it is on the loom:

See you next week for more springtime projects!