Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to the Warped Handwovens blog!

A little introduction to me and my work:
My name is Brianna. As a kid I was constantly drawing, painting, playing with clay, beading, collaging, needle-crafting-- I always knew I wanted to do something related to art when I grew up. For college, I attended Syracuse University, where I studied Communications Design and fell in love with design.

At SU, art and design elective courses outside our main focus of study were required in our curriculum. One semester, knowing nothing about weaving, I signed up for Intro to Floor Loom. It became my favorite studio elective-- I found the weaving process methodical and meditative (a great stress reliever), and at the end I had created something beautiful and functional. I learned about all sorts of techniques, patterns and materials, and created a few pieces I was very proud of.

Fast forward a few years, after I'd moved to New York for a design job. The job was good, but I was itching for something to do after work that's more than watching TV or checking Facebook. I kept thinking about weaving, but there was no way I could afford the kind of loom I learned on-- plus, there was no way I could fit one into an apartment in Brooklyn. But after doing some research, I stumbled on the Cricket Loom, a table-loom-sized lightbulb went off. Soon after, I got my Cricket Loom in the mail and started weaving away.

At first, I weaved just to relax, and I didn't really think about doing anything with the pieces I finished. But after several months and a growing pile of scarves (not to mention half-unraveled yarn balls that seemed to follow me around the apartment), I started wondering what I could do with them. Right around that time, I saw a flyer for the Built in Brooklyn craft fair. I sent in an application and got a table, and proceeded to go into production hyperdrive. Thanks to my design background, I know how important branding is. So is the origin of Warped Handwovens-- "Warped" being a little nod to both the length-wise threads on the loom and the fact that I'm a little strange.

Warped Handwovens made its first appearance at that craft fair, where I sold a few things and began to realize this could be more than just a hobby, and my scarves could have homes other than on a shelf in my closet. I started an Etsy shop around that time. Since then, I've been working on building up my inventory, doing some personal weaving projects and some custom orders. In the coming months, I plan on participating in a few more craft fairs around Brooklyn and adding more to my shop.

This blog is where I will discuss my weaving projects, techniques, inspiration, events, other crafty people I like, and basically all things warped. For more warped goodness, visit my Etsy shop. Thanks for visiting, and please check back often for updates!

And, because this is supposed to be about my projects, here's a glimpse of one of my most recent:

A scarf inspired by the vanilla-chococolate-strawberry ice cream combo. Delicious!

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  1. I just received in the mail a scarf Brianna made for's wonderful! Today was the first day I could wear it to work, and I got all sorts of compliments ("Is that WOVEN? Ooo!); it also happened to be the first snowfall of the season. How appropriate was that?

    I remember I used to have a scarf with a similar plaid a long time ago, but this one is SO-OO much more special, especially since I know its wonderful creator!

    Thanks, Bri!